National Conference 2018 - Healing from Trauma and Moving On

Following on from our National Conference, 'Healing from Trauma and Moving On', here you will find some resources from the day, including speaker presentations as well as books and videos mentioned during the day. Read more

The Ethics and Impacts of Life Story Approaches

Charis delivered an engaging and interactive workshop based on short filmed interviews with young people. Delegates were encouraged to consider the conditions under which they would share their own personal stories and painful memories. Find out more and download Charis' presentation. Read more

Relationship Based Practice: What does it really look like?

Mary Glasgow facilitated one of our workshops, setting out the principles of a restorative, child-centred and family-minded approach that aims to mitigate the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Find out more and download Mary's presentation. Read more

What does a really good care system look like?

Saffron Rohan and Simone Smith led a session on 'What does a really good care system look like?'. This fun and interactive session encouraged active discussion and participation. Find out more and download their presentation. Read more

Why are we still getting it wrong for girls?

In this fascinating workshop, Carole Dearie asked 'Why are we still getting it wrong for girls?' She explained how challenging girls use relational aggression and why trauma group work with girls is such a bad idea. Find out more about this workshop and download the presentation. Read more

The quickest, easiest way is not necessarily the richest

Leni Rademacher and Shae Stewart facilitated one of the workshops at our conference, giving a detailed breakdown of how Falkirk Children's Services developed its Continuing Care operational guidance in response to the legislation. Find out more and download their presentation. Read more

The Lost List

Karyn McCluskey, Chief Executive for Criminal Justice Scotland, joined us at our conference. Her sesion focused on how the failure to prioritise prevention leads to an entrenched deprivation and low aspiration. Find out more about Karyn and download her presentation. Read more

What Would It Take - Adventurous Social Work

During our Summer Conference, Tim Keilty gave us his unique insights on the topic of 'What would it take - adventurous social work'. Find out more and download his presentation. Read more

Adversity, Attachment and Relationships

Insights from the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences. At our Summer Conference in May 2017, we were joined by Dr Michael Smith, Associate Medical Director, Mental Health and Addictions at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Read more

Nothing Less Will Do: Report

Our 2017 Annual Conference was held at COSLA Conference Centre in Edinburgh, with the theme 'Nothing Less Will Do'. Read our report. Read more