Brothers and Sisters Separation and Contact

Following interviews with care-experienced young people who had been separated from their siblings on entering the care system, Connecting Voices have published this report on their findings in East Ayrshire.Read more

Love, Support, Trust, Honesty

At the heart of every positive story is one strong relationship making an unimaginable differenceRead more

Corporate Parenting

Having spent time discussing who their 'Corporate Parents' are, Connecting Voices decided to create a Corporate Parenting Family Tree, and invited all their Corporate Parents to a Family Gathering.Read more

2 in a million

'2 in a Million' is a comic strip in which Kieran shares his story. His imaginitive and original comic takes us on a journey from feeling isolated and unsure of his place in the world to building a trusting relationship with two workers who made him feel loved and accepted. find out more about '2 in a Million'.Read more