Staf Welcomes Announcement of £1.35 million for trauma training

Staf have welcomed yesterday's announcement made by deputy First Minister John Swinney that the Scottish Government will invest an additional £1.35 million to create a national training programme, developed for workers supporting people who have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and traumatic experiences in adulthood, such as physical or sexual abuse.Read more

Introducing Children's Rights: A ten-minute training tool

The Scottish Government has published a ten-minute training tool around children's rights, aimed at giving you a better understanding of children's rights, rights frameworks and rights-based legislation. Find out more and download the training materials.Read more

A Life in Limbo

Too many homeless people are living in limbo, stuck in emergency accommodation with nowhere to wash clothes or cook. Strict curfews can be damaging to people's mental health and job prospects. Crisis are calling on the Scottish Government to make sure homeless people aren't stuck living in unsuitable hostels, B&Bs or lodging houses.Read more

'We want to put love at the heart of Scotland's Care System

In an interview with the Guardian, Fiona Duncan (Chair of the Independent Care Review), talks about some of the findings so far, the next stage of the review, and what the review needs to do for care-experienced children and young people in Scotland.Read more

Connected Scotland Joint Consultation Response

On 30th April 2018, the Scottish Government closed their consultation to help inform the national strategy 'A Connected Scotland: Tackling social isolation and loneliness and building stronger social connections'. Find out more about the consultation, and read our joint response.Read more

The Herald: 'Children in care bullied for speaking social work jargon'

A report from the Herald Scotland from Saturday 28th April 2018. The Independent Review of Scotland's Care System has called for immediate action for professionals to use language which is more easily understood by children and reduce the chance of them being bullied for using social work jargon.Read more

Scotland Works for You

In March 2018, Scotland Works for You published a guidance pack to help employers evaluate the meaning of criminal records in jobs and opportunities and to help individuals make positive applications for employment. Find out more.Read more

Council Tax Exemption

Since the announcement of care leavers' exemption from paying Council Tax, we have received a number of queries from young people, unsure of how to claim exemption, or whether they are eligible. We approached the Scottish Government and Local Authorities across Scotland to find out more.Read more

Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland, 2016-17

Find out more about the Scottish Government's Children's Social Work Statistics Scotland 2016-2017, published on 28th March 2018.Read more

Ending rough sleeping in Scotland

The Scottish Government's Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group has set out new recommendations in order to meet the commitment to eradicate rough sleeping in Scotland. Read more.Read more

Revised model for joint inspections for children and young people 2018

The care inspectorate have announced that their revised model for joint inspection services for children and young people will commence in April 2018. Find out more about their latest update.Read more

New Funding Opportunity: Empowerment Grants

Life Changes Trust have launched a new funding opportunity for groups or organisations working with care-experienced young people in Scotland. Find out more about their Empowerment GrantsRead more

Walking the Walk: Two Years On

Read the report from the Scottish Care Leavers Covenant's first Annual Conference, held in October 2017.Read more

Rewriting Scotland's Story: Community Justice Scotland

Join Community Justice Scotland in the discussion with world-renowned speakers who will share their own stories and experiences of leadership, influence, inequality, smart justice and our future.Read more

A Trauma-Informed Parliament

On 24th January 2018, MSPs held a debate at the Scottish Parliament on Adverse Childhood Experiences, which highlighted the research, evidence and calls for action.Read more

Care Leavers to be exempted from council tax

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that care leavers will be exempt from paying council tax. Read more about this update.Read more