Staf Awarded Funding For New Projects

Thanks to funding from the Life Changes Trust and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, 2019 sees Staf embark on three exciting new projects, all sharing a common theme: relationships. Find out more here. Read more

Staf and CYCJ receive commendation for justice work at UK awards

Staf, along with CYCJ, was nominated for an award at the Howard League Community Awards on Wednesday – we didn’t win but we received a commendation! Read more

Who Cares for the Carers?

Given the unique pressures involved for staff working in a secure care setting, Talking Hope ask the important question: 'Who cares for the carers?' Click to find out more and read 'Who Cares for the Carers? Holding Hope Behind the Scenes' Read more

Responding to Offending in Residential Childcare

Two blogs have been written around the recent roundtable discussions on the report from CYCJ and Staf on Responding to Offending in Residential Childcare - Next Steps. FInd out more about the blogs by Claire Sands (Howard League for Penal Reform) and Debbie Nolan (CYCJ). Read more

Sport protects mental health of children who experience trauma

A study published in January 2018 from Public Health Wales and Bangor University shows that people who had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) but regularly played sports as children were less likely to have a mental illness as an adult. Find out more about the study. Read more

Why are so many adults haunted by trauma?

Sixty percent of adults report difficult childhood experiences, including drawn-out divorces, violence and abuse. The effects of trauma are long-lasting, ranging from anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder and physical illness. But what if trauma also results from a shortcoming on the part of society to support families in thriving? If society helped informed teachers and parents meet children's basic needs for attachment and connection, would we produce fewer traumatised adults? Read more

Dealing with our Inner Conflicts

Listen to a podcast by Dr Richard Schwartz, Founding Developer of the Internal Family Systems model, on how we can understand ourselves better if we think about our inner conflicts as arguments between parts of ourselves. He outlines the kind of mindful interaction through which we can assume effective leadership of these conflicting parts. Read more

Responding to Offending in Residential Childcare Progress Report

CYCJ and Staf are pleased to present our 'Responding to Offending in Residential Childcare - Next Steps' project progress report. Building on previous work, this report has a number of implications and conclusions that are relevant to a broad range of practitioners. Find out more about the project, read our progress report and learn about our next steps. Read more

The Repair of Early Trauma: A "Bottom Up" Approach

An attachment disorder is often only one part of the puzzle in understanding how a child's adverse childhood experiences have shaped their emotional world and outward behaviour. Find out more about repairing developmental trauma. Read more

"Everyone should have a home and be able to keep a home"

Find out more about the Scottish Parliament's Local Government and Communities Committee Report on Homelessness, published on 12th February 2018. Read more

Care Leavers' Views on Their Transition to Adulthood

Coram Voice recently published their report 'Care leavers' Views on their transition to adulthood: a rapid review of the evidence'. Find out more about this research. Read more

Children and Young People in Custody in Scotland

In October 2017, the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ) published a joint report encouraging reflection about children and young people in the justice system in Scotland, particularly those detained in custody. Read more