Based in East Ayrshire, Connecting Voices is a participation group of care-experienced young people who frequently get together to discuss barriers, share stories and work towards making positive changes for other care-experienced young people in the locality. Between October 2017 and March 2018, Connecting Voices carried out six interviews with care-experienced young people, and their findings have been published in the report "Brother and Sister Separation and Contact".

Key findings from the report include:

  • Five out of six participants described feelings of guilt and shame associated with their experience of sibling separation.
  • Interviews were frequently punctuated with phrases such as "it's my fault" and "have I done something wrong?" illustrative of the heartbreak and raw feelings which continue to negatively impact the participants' adult lives.
  • 83% of participants reported that separation from their siblings has negatively impacted upon the relationships they now have with their brothers and sisters.
  • 50% of participants directly attributed the separation from their brothers and sisters to their spiralling and worsening behaviour or "acting up".
  • 50% of young people said that they had been the carers for their siblings in the family home before being separated and this made the separation particularly difficult.
  • 83% of participants believed that siblings should have daily contact and that where possible siblings should be kept together as a main priority.

"We used to need each other, then one day I wasn't there."

- Read the report 'Brother and Sister Separation and Contact'