Jade works with SAMH as a peer support worker and has a keen interest in young people's mental health issues. At the same time she is studying at New College Lanarkshire. She describes herself as being wise from a young age and 'was an adult as a child'.

Jade has a passion to improve services for all vulnerable people and has worked on a voluntary basis with North Lanarkshire Council as a Corporate Parent Assistant, working with young people.

Jade raises awareness of being in care and tries to change the way people discuss care-experienced young people. she wants the young people she works with to think about how they react to other people's behaviour due to their own trauma and trust issues.

She has carried out public speaking for professionals who have helped her, especially her LAC teacher who is now a very dear friend. She is a role model for young people with experiences similar to hers.

In addition, Jade has the following roles:

  • Member, Independent Care Review, Justice and Care Group
  • Founding Member, North Lanarkshire Champions Board 'Today Not Tomorrow'