Saffy and Suzanne have been working together since February/March 2018. Saffy was previously working with another Throughcare Worker before Suzanne. I met up with them in Argyll and Bute to get to know them and find out their thoughts on relationships.

During the interview, Saffy and Suzanne talked about some of their memories. Suzanne talked about the phone call she had with Saffy after getting the keys to her own flat and how happy she was to be moving in. This had happened the day before I met them, and Saffy said she was looking forward to finishing the decorating. They talked about the fact that Saffy has a good team of people around her, and that one of the other workers was helping her decorate her new flat. Saffy talked about when a previous worker had taken her and her dog for a walk near her dad’s old house. She remembered just walking and talking for a long time. Sometimes the smallest gestures can mean the most, like spending time together talking or helping to paint a room.

In terms of what makes a good relationship between a worker and a young person, Saffy and Suzanne talked about having someone to talk to, and workers not giving up on the young person.

I asked what Saffy and Suzanne do for each other that really makes a difference. Saffy talked about Suzanne listening to her when she has something to say. Suzanne talked about how Saffy takes the advice, help and support available to her and learns from her past mistakes.

Towards the end of the interview, Saffy and Suzanne talked about why they think relationships are important. Saffy felt that it was important to have someone you can trust, that you can talk to and that you feel comfortable around.