Creating an Active Citizen Platform to Watch our Young People Thrive

We know how important it is to give young people tools to deal with their trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). But how often do we look at other ways young people can thrive - namely through their desire to help others? Read Ruairi's blog to find out more.Read more

Announcing Our New and Improved Website

Following almost a year of research, consultation and hard work, we are proud to say that our new website is live. Find out more about how we transformed our website.Read more

Uncomfortable Truths

Young people from the care system who offend are some of the hardest to reach and marginalised in society. In 2017, one of Staf's key objectives was to find out more and see what role we could play in supporting them better. Read moreRead more

2 in a Million

'2 in a Million' is a comic strip in which Kieran shares his story. His imaginitive and original comic takes us on a journey from feeling isolated and unsure of his place in the world to building a trusting relationship with two workers who made him feel loved and accepted. Find out more about how Kieran's comic came to life.Read more

Norma's Thoughts...

Over the last three years, our Managers' Forums and Practitioners' Gatherings have gone from strength to strength. Find out more about Norma's thoughts as we take these events a step further, focusing on three guiding principles...Read more