"Be part of an organisation that is forward-thinking in making a positive destination a reality for our young people and not just wishful thinking"
Staf member

We know that as a carer, support organisation or Corporate Parent, you want the very best for care-experienced young people in Scotland. But while government legislation provides a framework to help this growing, vulnerable group thrive, putting it into practice is another matter.

As the only membership organisation in Scotland for frontline practitioners and managers working in the sector, we’re here to help. Our network continues to grow rapidly as carers across the country recognise the benefits of working together.

By joining the Staf network, you will be able to draw on the knowledge, experience and thinking of peers and experts to make the ideals a reality. Together we can ensure we all provide the very best service to young people from a care-experienced background.


Why become a Staf member

Access our deep and growing knowledge

Draw on our extensive expertise around what care-experienced young people need and how positive change can be implemented.

  • Share insights from our platforms for care leavers (newsletters, advice service)
  • Get a clear picture of what policy changes mean via our briefings
  • Grow skills and knowledge with our learning and development opportunities

Connect with peers to share best practice

Our members are all working towards the same goal of providing support for care-experienced young people for as long as they need.

  • Meet peers, hear from experts and share knowledge at national events
  • Share good practice and new projects across the network
  • Take part in pilot studies and work with other carers/Corporate Parents

Add your voice to ours to influence policy

We have a direct line to the Scottish government; join us to bring your ideas to the national debate.

  • Take part in governmental working groups
  • Network with senior influencers
  • Have an impact on the lives of care-experienced young people across the country