New Scottish Psychological Trauma Training Plan Published

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) have recently published a new psychological training plan. Read more

Shannon's Box to be delivered to young people entering care

A new initiative, Shannon's Box, has been launched to make entering care a little easier for children and young people. The box will now begin to be delivered in East Ayrshire, in partnership with East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership. Read more

New Income Supplement must tackle care leaver poverty

Staf is supportive of the stated aim of the proposed Income Supplement – to lift the maximum number of children out of poverty – and echoes the call for it to be delivered as quickly as possible. We are concerned, however, that the new benefit will not reach all young people leaving care or those that support them. Read more

Staf hosts First Minister meeting with care-experienced young people and workers

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been told by care-experienced young people and thoughcare and aftercare workers how important relationships are to improving lives, at a meeting hosted by Staf. Read more

Staf Awarded Funding For New Projects

Thanks to funding from the Life Changes Trust and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, 2019 sees Staf embark on three exciting new projects, all sharing a common theme: relationships. Find out more here. Read more

Scottish budget: what it means for care leavers and those who support them

The Scottish Government has announced its draft budget for 2019-20. Here are just five things you need to know about the impact on care leavers and those who support them. Read more

Staf budget call: ‘Don’t leave care leavers out’

Ahead of the Scottish budget, Staf is calling on the Scottish Government to protect funding for increasing the age young people can leave care. Read more

Staf welcomes Scottish Parliament recommendations on children’s rights

At Staf we are working to ensure that the voice of care leavers is heard and that everyone involved in their lives support them in fully realising their human rights. Read more

Staf and CYCJ receive commendation for justice work at UK awards

Staf, along with CYCJ, was nominated for an award at the Howard League Community Awards on Wednesday – we didn’t win but we received a commendation! Read more

All you need is love: Care Experienced Week 2018

Take a look at some of the activity that took place during Care Experienced Week 2018. Read more

Policy and Practice: Care Experienced Bursary

The Care Experienced bursary was introduced to support care experienced young people in further and higher education. Find out more about the bursary, and how this relates to practice, here: Read more

Universal Credit: five things you need to know

The UK government’s roll-out of Universal Credit has garnered a great deal of media coverage over the last year. The controversial change in benefits, which sees six varying benefits condensed into one payment, is currently being rolled out across the country. Here are five things you need to know about Universal Credit. Read more

Care Experienced Week 2018 and Lifetime of Love Rally

Find out what's happening during Care Experienced Week to explore, reflect on and celebrate all things care-experienced. Read more

Who Cares for the Carers?

Given the unique pressures involved for staff working in a secure care setting, Talking Hope ask the important question: 'Who cares for the carers?' Click to find out more and read 'Who Cares for the Carers? Holding Hope Behind the Scenes' Read more

Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill – Standing Up for Scotland’s Children or Simply Standing Still?

Currently at Stage 1 in the Scottish Parliament, this Bill aims to change the minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR) to 12 years of age from the current level of 8 – the lowest in Europe. Our article questions whether the Bill goes far enough, and whether it truly works to support Scotland’s children and young people. Read more

Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill – Ending the ‘Justifiable Assault’ of Children

Widely reported as the ‘Smacking Ban’, this Bill has recently been introduced to the Scottish Parliament by John Finnie MSP, with the aim to outlaw any form of physical punishment against children. Read our short summary of the Bill here. Read more

New Theatre Company for Care-experienced Young People

The Citizen's Theatre in Glasgow is looking for care-experienced young people aged 18-26 with an interest in performing to take part in their new theatre company. Find out more... Read more

Staf Welcomes Announcement of £1.35 million for trauma training

Staf have welcomed yesterday's announcement made by deputy First Minister John Swinney that the Scottish Government will invest an additional £1.35 million to create a national training programme, developed for workers supporting people who have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and traumatic experiences in adulthood, such as physical or sexual abuse. Read more

Introducing Children's Rights: A ten-minute training tool

The Scottish Government has published a ten-minute training tool around children's rights, aimed at giving you a better understanding of children's rights, rights frameworks and rights-based legislation. Find out more and download the training materials. Read more

Responding to Offending in Residential Childcare

Two blogs have been written around the recent roundtable discussions on the report from CYCJ and Staf on Responding to Offending in Residential Childcare - Next Steps. FInd out more about the blogs by Claire Sands (Howard League for Penal Reform) and Debbie Nolan (CYCJ). Read more

Sport protects mental health of children who experience trauma

A study published in January 2018 from Public Health Wales and Bangor University shows that people who had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) but regularly played sports as children were less likely to have a mental illness as an adult. Find out more about the study. Read more

A Life in Limbo

Too many homeless people are living in limbo, stuck in emergency accommodation with nowhere to wash clothes or cook. Strict curfews can be damaging to people's mental health and job prospects. Crisis are calling on the Scottish Government to make sure homeless people aren't stuck living in unsuitable hostels, B&Bs or lodging houses. Read more

'We want to put love at the heart of Scotland's Care System

In an interview with the Guardian, Fiona Duncan (Chair of the Independent Care Review), talks about some of the findings so far, the next stage of the review, and what the review needs to do for care-experienced children and young people in Scotland. Read more

Why are so many adults haunted by trauma?

Sixty percent of adults report difficult childhood experiences, including drawn-out divorces, violence and abuse. The effects of trauma are long-lasting, ranging from anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder and physical illness. But what if trauma also results from a shortcoming on the part of society to support families in thriving? If society helped informed teachers and parents meet children's basic needs for attachment and connection, would we produce fewer traumatised adults? Read more