The Promise has published its latest report on how to create nationwide lifelong advocacy for care experienced people, one of the key pledges from the Independent Care Review.

The paper, published in February 2024 recommends a four stage approach to delivery which will have implications for those currently delivering throughcare and aftercare in Scotland.

Phase One: Agreeing the core principles whilst supporting existing advocacy services and ensuring they are sustainable..

Phase Two : Create a National Strategy for Advocacy Provision including the creation of  National Advocacy Strategy Oversight Group.

Phase Three: Expanding the National Practice Model, currently used in the Children's Hearing System, to cover those aged up to 26, in line with corporate parenting duties. Ensuring advocates are independent and possess the correct skills and knowledge. This will also ensure there is a bridge between children and adult services.

Phase Four: can begin as Phase Two is ending and focuses on the specific needs of care experienced adults and families. 

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