Our Dinners with Dialogue cut out the middleman and give care-experienced young people, senior influencers and other stakeholders a direct opportunity to discuss together the issues that matter most in the sector.

Too often, decision makers and beneficiaries are too many levels of bureaucracy apart. By bringing them together, Staf provides an opportunity for the open, honest discussions that get to the heart of what really needs to be done to support young people leaving care in Scotland.

Connecting the most important voices

For care-experienced young people, these events offer a platform for their voices to be heard directly by decision-makers from government, local authorities, Corporate Parents and other key stakeholders. Meanwhile, senior leaders with the power to make a difference get a chance to step away from the paperwork, understand the real challenges facing real individuals and bring them into a collaborative approach to the decisions that will affect them.

The conversations that arise shine a light on what can sometimes be uncomfortable truths for all around the table – but in so doing they open the doors to finding solutions together to support our young people to be all they can.

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