"Young voices with experience cut completely through the adult noise and less important issues. The more they are heard, the more decisive action will inevitably be taken to ensure the outcomes for those disadvantaged, through no fault of their own, are radically improved."
Dr Iain MacRitchie Chair and trustee of MCR Pathways

In 2015, a group of care-experienced young people came together (with Staf's support) for 'The Voices'. Driven by their passion to improve the lives of young people leaving care, their first focus was on enabling and empowering young people to remain in a care setting until they are ready to move on.

During the two-year lifespan of the project, they ran sessions and gathered stories and ideas from young people in 10 local authority areas across Scotland, travelled the country from Dumfries to Inverness to present at a wide variety of forums, events and conferences. Their influence was wide, as they trended on Twitter and had their recommendations heard by decision-makers right up to the then Minister for Children and Young People.

Listening, learning and sharing

The Voices showed what can be done when care-experienced young people are given the opportunity to contribute to the decisions that affect them. Not only did young people across Scotland have a chance to share their experiences of leaving care, but they also had their voices heard across the sector.

The team's report and recommendations fed directly into Staf's policy team and had a major impact on our responses to the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and beyond.

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