Hi, I hope at the time of reading this that you are doing well! Thanks very much for taking the time to find out some more about the Moving On change programme’s 100 Days of Listening. 

An Introduction 

I’m Thomas and currently I am seconded to Staf from the Promise Scotland. The purpose of this is to try and bolster efforts in delivering the change demanded by the conclusions of the Independent Care Review, for those moving on from care. The Promise outlines a vision for Scotland to work towards to by 2030. Plan 21-24 contained actions to ensure that those moving on from care are supported in a way that is safe, loving and respectful and enables young people and young adults to move on with the real change of fulfilling their full potential. 

The Promise oversight board report has published two reports since its conception. The most recent report, informing Scotland of the progress being made to keep the promise, is clear that the pace of change is not sufficient for plan 21-24 to be met in full. This assessment of progress is helpful in ensuring that those seeking to effect change can be clear on where there is a need to focus change efforts.

Moving On Change Programme 

Staf and The Promise Scotland are partnering to try and provide a supportive response to the current context in which young people and young adults are moving on from care. As a result, Staf will lead a change programme that will conclude with the development of a shared set of standards and principles that can underpin and guide how Scotland seeks to provide an experience of care that is loving, caring and respectful that enables those moving on from care to fulfil their potential.  

The programme of work is rightly ambitious as although there has been lots of good, thoughtful, and, in some cases, bespoke practice taking place across Scotland to #KeepThePromise, young people becoming adults are not universally getting the support they need to thrive. The programme is planned to conclude in under two years.

What is the 100 Days of Listening?

The 100 days of listening phase of the change programme will be initiated in the Autumn of 2023. It will capture the views of people with experience of care about their hopes and experiences of moving on from care and into adulthoodThe purpose of this engagement is to inform the “Moving On Wishlist” which will in turn, inform Scotland as to what young people need prior to, during and after the transition from care to adulthood.  

The most important thing the Independent Care Review did, was listen. The care review worked really hard to properly listen to everyone that wanted to speak to the Care Review about their experiences. And this was over 5500. Over half were children and adults who were care experienced and their families, the rest were part of the unpaid and the paid workforce. The voices of those who engaged with the Care Review led everything the Care Review did. The conclusions of the Independent Care Review were underpinned by what was heard from those who shared their experiences. 

The Moving On Change Programme will recognise the importance of listening to moving on experts, whether they are part of the paid or unpaid workforce, or whether or not they have experience of care. The 100 days of listening phase of the Moving On Change Programme will be a demonstration of this. It will recognise that those with experience of care, and those who form part of the care workforce, hold the knowledge that is required  for Scotland to deliver the vision set out within the promise. 

How can you get involved? 

The 100 days of listening phase of the programme will be led by Staf. There is an open invitation to everyone and anyone who would like to contribute to get involved. 

We are keen to visit as many people and groups across Scotland, to hear from them their wishes for how Scotland keeps the Promise to all children, young people and their families, including those moving on from care. 

We’d love to hear from anyone interested in getting involved and will do all we can to make the opportunity as accessible as possible for those wishing to take part. Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved or would like to speak with one of the team to find out more. Please complete the expression of interest form below or if you’d like to get in touch directly with the team please email [email protected].

For further information check out our Independent Care Review section of the Staf website.