The 100 Days of listening, phase of the change programme, is seeking to hear the views of people with experience of care about their hopes and experiences of moving on from care and into adulthood. The purpose of this engagement is to contribute to the creation of the “Moving On Wishlist” which will in turn, inform Scotland as to what young people need prior to, during, and after the transition from care to adulthood.

The most important thing the Independent Care Review did, was listen. The care review worked really hard to properly listen to everyone that wanted to speak to the Care Review about their experiences. And this was over 5500. Over half were children and adults who were care experienced and their families, the rest were part of the unpaid and the paid workforce. The voices of those who engaged with the Care Review led everything the Care Review did. The conclusions of the Independent Care Review were underpinned by what was heard from those who shared their experiences. It was only by listening that Scotland was able to make the promise it made to it’s children, young people, and their families on the 5th of February 2020.

Completing all or part of the survey is one way for you to be heard during the 100 days of listening stage. Information on others ways to get involved can be accessed here.

The Survey

The survey has been created to ask open questions to try and provide those who wish to complete it with the opportunity to share their wants, hopes and wishes for how Scotland can keep the promise for those moving on from care.

The Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) SHANARRI indicators are used to shape the survey questions, and definitions of the indicators are provided. These have been used to try and enable the survey to be as open as possible to hearing peoples views. Please feel free to complete all of the survey, or to just complete the parts you would like to.

The survey can be completed at once, or you can take your time and come back to it at a time that suits you.

The 100 days of listening phase of the change programme comes to an end on the 31st January 2024. This will be the last day for surveys to be completed before what is heard is reviewed to produce the Moving On: Wish List.

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