I took time out to visit Siobhan and Ann in Argyll and Bute and find out their views on the importance of relationships. Siobhan and Ann have known each other for eight or nine years.

During their interview, Siobhan and Ann talked about how it’s important for a young person and a worker to have a good understanding of each other. Ann mentioned how she can pick up on non-verbal cues with Siobhan, so if they have a planned visit, and things haven’t gone as she wanted, Ann can read the signs and asks Siobhan if perhaps today isn’t a good day and will offer to come back.

Siobhan and Ann shared their memory of the run-up to Siobhan’s 18th birthday. In the weeks before Siobhan’s birthday, Ann kept jokingly trying to gate-crash the party, which Siobhan was planning to spend with her friends. Ann would joke with Siobhan about what the dress code was, and where and what time Ann should meet them.

Ann and Siobhan are in regular contact with each other, with fortnightly face-to-face contact. The level of contact also varies depending on Siobhan’s needs. Ann encourages Siobhan to call her if needed and takes her role of parent seriously. Ann said that she hounds her own kids and states that “we need to be consistent pests”.

Ann also talked about how important it is for Siobhan to trust people and feel respected – it’s what she wants her own children to feel.