"Not having cooking facilities really ground me down. There's no fridge, you're not even allowed a toaster." (Rebecca)

'A Life in Limbo: The cost of unsuitable accommodation for homeless people in Scotland' is a piece of research, commissioned by Crisis, which estimates that £29 million in public funds would be saved this year if all single people who are predicted to live in unsuitable temporary accommodation were moved to more suitable accommodation within seven days.

On average, a homeless person currently spends 38 days in unsuitable temporary accommodation, so moving them after seven days would save around £800 each time.

Currently, there is a legal limit of seven days for families and pregnant women to be moved out of unsuitable temporary accommodation into something more suitable, however there are no limits for any other groups.

Crisis is calling for the Scottish Government to change the law and extend this seven day restriction to all homeless people to ensure that nobody is forced to live in unsuitable temporary accommodation for more than 7 days.

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