If you can afford to, please do consider donating to Staf. Your donation will help us achieve our vision of a Scotland where the wellbeing and success of young people leaving care across Scotland is indistinguishable from that of theirs peers in the general population.

Your donation will support our work to improve the lives of care leavers through amplifying their voices, supporting best practice and developing policy with love at its heart. 

One young person involved in Youth Justice Voices has told us: “If I didn’t have our [online] groups I would feel alone and down and not valued, also I would find it hard to get up every morning and keep doing things. It encourages me to go about life as normal as possible…if I didn’t have this then I would find it really difficult. It’s one of the most important and valuable services in my life, it’s cheesy but people like us don’t have families who are mature and capable…it’s made me realise how much I appreciate Staf and other services."

Another young person involved in Project Return has said: “Groups helped my anxiety ‘n that, going to events been good for it too. I’ve changed the way I interact with others, I think about what I say and can now build relationships. It’s helped me probably think about getting a job, it's given me a small step. Before the project didn’t even want to leave the house but I left to come to the project and am still here.”

One worker from a Staf member organisation said of our Focus Groups: “As a new practitioner to supported care and Continuing Care, I have found it invaluable to come to the Continuing Care and support care forums, it has given me an insight and an awareness of practice in other local authorities and has helped me to develop guidelines and procedures.” 

One attendee at our senior leaders' Staf Summit in March 2020 said: “I really enjoyed the Summit, leaving now having learnt new things and enthusiastic to make cultural changes.”