We're currently looking for new care and justice experienced people to join Youth Just Us. You can access the flyer with all the info you need to know here or read on to find out more. 

Who are we?

Youth Just Us is a steering group for young people aged 16-25 with experience of the care and justice systems in Scotland. We have been working together since 2019 and we are always looking for new members.

What does a steering group mean?

This means we shape and lead the work of Staf and CYCJ’s Youth Justice Voices project. We agree on the issues which are important to us and through the project we aim to improve things for children and young people who have had contact with the care and justice systems in Scotland.

What do you do?

We meet on Monday evenings in person in Glasgow or online. So you can join from anywhere in Scotland. You can dip in and out and take part in activities which interest you. There’s also support and opportunities for you outside the group sessions.

We do fun and creative activities as well as influencing work where we drive change. It’s a safe, social space where you can meet new people and try new things. Our aim is to is to influence action which means we want to change attitudes, tackle stigma and influence change.

What we’ve been up to…

We worked with Articulate Cultural Trust and Graffiti Artist SLANG to produce Artivism which is a collection of issue related work based on our own experiences

We worked with NKBL and Pocked Sized Hands to co-produce an interactive mobile game and VR Version of Nae Danger which is a fun educational game which aims to prevent the carrying of knives

We have presented at national events, created training and workshops – which includes our ongoing work with Police Scotland which you can get involved in

We have taken part in different issue related projects and have even met with policy makers at the Scottish Government and MSPS from the Scottish Parliament. We have played a key role influencing the Scottish Government’s Youth Justice Vision and Action Plan and policies, legislation around the Age of Criminal Responsibility, Children’s Hearings System, UNCRC and Bail, Remand and Release just to name a few.



What else do you need to know? 

YJV cover travel expenses and there’s lots of rewards and benefits like care packages, data, prizes, trips and meals out. The group also helps you access lots of different opportunities, gain skills and meet new people. We often have paid opportunities too.

How do you get involved?
If you are interested in getting involved you can contact Youth Justice Participation Lead, Ruth directly (or ask someone else to). Whatsapp, text or call 07940068343 or email [email protected] you can also follow us on Twitter @YJVScotland 

Ruth can meet you for a chat and help you decide how you might like to take part.