Now more than ever music is needed to support us and help us feel connected. That’s why, in response to COVID-19, Project Return’s choir will keep singing online. We have created ‘Rock the Lockdown’ to bring together those aged 16 and above with experience of the children’s care and/or the justice system and the care workforce, to connect and give them a voice through music.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ― Bono

How does Rock the Lockdown work?

Each Thursday form 6.30 until 7.30, the lovely Cheryl shall bring us all together by performing through Facebook Live in the closed Facebook group linked below. We will be able to sing along at home and interact through commenting on the feed. Each week Cheryl performs requested songs and we have an open mic segment that you can submit your own singing videos to.  The evening is about having fun, connecting and feeling good.

“Music is the strongest form of magic.” ― Marilyn Manson


Where can I join Rock the Lockdown?  

Before joining the group new members will need to answer three questions and read and agree to the group rules. These have been put in place to safeguard each other and ensure we all benefit from having a space to connect. New members’ requests will be looked at on Thursday mornings so there may be a wee gap from when you apply to when you hear from us.

Rock the Lockdown can be joined here.  

For further information you can contact Jenny Ferguson on [email protected]


Who created Rock the Lockdown?

This group has been created by Staf's Project Return, a lived experience led project which focuses on creating relationship-centred trauma resources for the throughcare and aftercare stage of the care system. You can find more information on the group here