Design, strategy and ice cream: those are just some of the things we spoke about at the 6th Advisory Group meeting on the 18th of June.

The advisory group is creating a comprehensive tool that will support organisations to prioritise relationship-based practice. At the meeting we were joined by two designers who will be working with us to ensure the resource is both user-friendly and achieves our aims.

It is very important to the group that the resource is accessible for young people as well as workers.

“Some young people don’t know what rights they have and what support they can access, so it’s important there is a place where they can find that information” - Member of the Advisory Group

We also spoke about how to successfully achieve culture and behaviour change towards relationship-based practice.

One way to do this is making sure that people have capability, motivation, and opportunity to change. This means that a person needs to know how and what to change, have the motivation to change and the moment to enact that change. Recognising how these factors are connected means accepting that change is gradual.

We want the resource to be a place for information and inspiration for any person and organisation on that journey towards relationship-based practice.

What’s next?

The next meeting is on the 16th of July and will take place on Zoom.

As usual you can get in touch with Staf's Learning and Development Project Worker, Papoula Petri Romão if you want to get involved via [email protected]

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Building Relationships is a Staf project focused on improving relationship-based practice across Scotland, funded by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. The project's initial phase, 'Mapping Relationship' was completed in 2019 and involved extensive consultation in person, in workshops, online and at our focus groups. You can find out more about the background to the project here