We run regular focus groups throughout the year, all of which are free to join if you are a Staf member. We recently reached out to our regular attenders to see why they attend and we're delighted with the response. Here's just some of the feedback we have received to date...

Being part of the Participation Practitioners Forum has been hugely beneficial in my journey in my new national role. The forum has been a great place to meet and learn from partners across Scotland, hear about good practice and have national discussions on what feels important to those attending. Young people often have a lead role in these meetings and their input is invaluable. 

Participation Practitioner's Forum attendee 

The  Supported Carers forum facilitated by Staf is unique in that it brings workers from similar services across the country together to share ideas and practice, its informative and helpful to my role in terms of developing and improving the service. It’s a welcoming, friendly and relaxed environment. I look forward to further involvement with the forum in the future.

Supported Lodging, Supported Carers attendee

I have found the support of the focus group to be invaluable very helpful over the years. The group is really helpful in updating on national developments, information around inspections, providing training opportunities and I have really appreciated the peer support and advice.

Supported Lodging, Supported Carers attendee

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For more information about becoming a member of Staf and accessing the focus groups free of charge please check out this page.