September 2019: Project Launched: Steering Group Meetings and collective aims using lego to symbolise key themes


January 2020: Set the group aim of creating Trauma and relationship supports for those leaving/in care. Met with Nicola Sturgeon to promote group aims.

March 2020: Launcher “Our Choir” a choir for those 16 years and above who have experience of the care and/or justice system, and their workers. Our goal is to bring together everyone to connect through music. Began Rock the Lockdown, a virtual choir every Tuesday

June 2020: Steering group “The Catalysts” formed. Created Seeds for change, nature wellbeing program – sending out seed packages to care experienced people to grow their own herbs. Partnered with Operation Play Outdoors to deliver online zoom, forestry activities.
Launched the Pets in Care Survey, to find out the views of young people in care, carers and staff.

August 2020: Hosted Discovery workshops online for people in care across Scotland to discuss important themes to them, sent out print kits so they could express these themes through art.

October 2020: Collated the pets in care survey results and hosted a webinar with the findings                

November 2020
Shared 'Our Choir' performance at the Staf National Conference 


March 2021: Used the artwork and themes from the discovery workshops to create “breakfast packages” of coasters, placemats and answer boxes to be send out to care organisations across the country with the view for them to host their own virtual breakfast event.

The themes for discussion were : Relationships, Culture, Safe Place and Wellbeing Resources


April 2021: Tommy took over from Jenny as Project Worker. Hosted Togetheroo’s virtual breakfast.

June 2021: Met with group members individually as restrictions eased to discuss their future views for the Project.

August 2021: STAF Summer Sessions began, outdoor wellbeing and skills classes taking place across Scotland, utilising the vision set out by the Catalyst’s “Seeds for Change”

September 2021: Had the first Project Return Social meeting at Hollywood bowl, to re-engage the group members with a view to resume group meetings in the near future...