Since the initial info session in April the Youth Justice Voices steering group has really started to take shape. So much so the group have decided to give themselves a new name Youth Just Us. Not only is it a clever play on words they also felt it gave “justice” to justice experienced young people by dropping the label.

So what have they been up to? 

Youth Just Us have had 4 sessions to date where they’ve welcomed new members, enjoyed a game of football and started planning through creative and fun activities. The group have taken part in a consultation about digital rights, considering why incorporating digital rights into the UNCRC might be beneficial.  They also had a film screening night where we watched “Trouble” and reflected on personal journeys through the care and justice systems.  We hope in later weeks that they can share some of these experiences.


What’s next?

The group have submitted some questions to CYCJ which they hope will be answered when they attend the National Youth Justice Conference.  They are currently identifying some key themes for future discussion and getting creative as they go onto design are own logo and plan our next steps.


Want to get involved?

If anyone is interested in joining the project it is open to 16-25 year olds with care and justice experience. Next session is on Monday the 3rd of June 5-7pm in Glasgow. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Youth Justice Voices: With funding from the Life Changes Trust, we have begun a new project, jointly with the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, to listen to the voice of care and justice-experienced young people so that their views are given the due weight and attention they deserve.