Liminal Studios and Youth Justice Voices are inviting young people aged 16 - 25 with experience of the care and justice systems to participate in the digital storytelling workshops which begin on Monday 30th January from 6pm at the Staf participation space in central Glasgow. 

Using the latest virtual reality technology, participants will be encouraged to become aware of their own power, challenge the labels and write their own story for the future. Pizza will also be provided! 

The plan for the 4 weeks is as follows...

Week 1 Games and 3D Photos

In this session you will have the chance to take part in fun warm-up games and help shape how we work together.

We will co-create persona characters to highlight examples of the stigma that care and justice experienced young people can unfairly experience. This means we can highlight issues whilst protecting everyone’s privacy.

In creating our character we will explore:  How do they see themselves? how do they think others see them? How would they like to be seen? This activity is based on our collective understanding of how stigma happens, how it feels for the character to be stigmatised and how we could re-frame the story.

Image Theatre statues are a fun way to explore through improvisation how our character would feel in different scenarios.

Play with the process of making 3d sculptural photographs of the scenarios we developed in the previous activity.


Week 2 VR Five why's

Energizer fun warm-up games for co-creating safe and brave spaces.

Stigma Giant Jenga. We will play a game of Gian Jenga with a twist!

Exploring how we can use VR to reflect on our experiences from week 1. We will view and interact with the 3d photos we made in W1 and then do an activity called the five why's to reflect on how we think our character feels in the scenarios.

These thoughts and insights will be recorded so we can create Verbatim audio recordings to communicate our thoughts and feelings while protecting privacy.


Week 3 VR Augmented Reality prototypes 

Energizer fun warm-up games for co-creating safe and brave spaces.

We will present our 3d photo combined with key aspects of the audio from W2 in AR.  Exploring how we can use AR to visualise our prototype digital verbatim statues.

Collectively we will discuss ways it can be improved and think about designs for implementation. Deciding where we would like it to be experienced by audiences who we want to understand better how this stigmatising language feels.


Week 4 presentation of AR verbatim statues.

This session will be dedicated to showcasing our AR verbatim statues with audiences.


Check out the video below for more info

If you, or someone you know would like to take part, please email [email protected] to sign up & for more info.