Supporting young people leaving care in Scotland: regulations and guidance

Updated guidance on the provision of throughcare and aftercare under the 1995 Act.

It set out the 'general principle' that young people should not leave care until the age of 18.

It set out the role of Corporate Parents and, in particular, how they should work to ensure young people reach their full potential in education and work.

The overall aim of the guidance set out is as follows:

  • to reinforce the corporate parenting responsibilities of local authorities;
  • to re-emphasise the power and duty to look after them until, normally, they are 18;
  • to ensure that the young people are prepared and ready for the time when they are no longer looked after;
  • to improve the assessment, preparation and planning for that time; and
  • to strengthen the contract between the local authority and young people beyond the age of 18 until at least 21.

It sets out detailed guidance on:

  • assessing the needs of young people;
  • the provision of a 'Pathways Coordinator';
  • how financial assistance is provided;
  • accommodation;
  • appeals and complaints; and
  • information sharing.

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