The Continuing Care (Scotland) Amendment Order 2018

Raises the upper age limit for Continuing Care under Section 67 of the 2014 Act. From April 2018, this increased to 20.

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Corporate Parenting - turning legislation into practice together: report

The first triennial report required under Part 9 of the 2014 Act, setting out how corporate parents have fulfilled their duties under the Act.

Three areas of progress in the first three years of the new corporate parenting duties are clear:

  • There has been a move to a "philosophy of care heavily reliant on building stable, supportive relationships."
  • Corporate parents are undertaking a lot of work to listen and respond to the views of looked-after children and care leavers.
  • There is a greater prominence and awareness of the corporate parenting role.

Over the next three years, the following areas are identified for progress:

  • seeking the views of care-experienced young people;
  • assessing their needs and how to address them;
  • collaboration between corporate parents to share learning and reach more young people; and
  • securing support and understanding at senior levels of organisations.

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