The theme for our February Managers' Forum was "From Care to Where? A spotlight on aftercare". This was a great opportunity to share the good practice we provide as colleagues and corporate parents, and examine how we can move "from pockets of good practice to a culture of good practice" (New Zealand Care Review).

We were joined by 78 managers from across Scotland who participated in a great day of learning and discussion.

Staf posed the question: "if you could change two or three things about the care journey, what would they be?"

The overwhelming response was: to reduce the number of moves made by a young person; to 'front load' the system with investment in young people as they start their journey; and to have seamless transitions.

The day also included table discussions focusing on our response to the Root and Branch Review. The main themes that emerged were:

  • Look at the whole system (secure care is often overlooked)
  • Trust, empower and invest in frontline workers
  • Stronger emphasis on poverty
  • The challenges of 'out of local authority area' placements
  • Permanence needs stronger emphasis
  • Fewer placement moves
  • Corporate Parents are important - this is not just a social work issue
  • Mental health support and provision needs a stronger emphasis
  • we need more investment in resources

Some feedback from the day:

"Staf is still leading the way highlighting good practice"

"Another well-organised event"

"Inspirational event"

Thanks to all our speakers and contributors:

  • Peter Finn (Glasgow City Council);
  • Norma Brown and Jenny Kane (Falkirk Council);
  • Moira Bryson (Renfrewshire Council);
  • Jim Devoy (Police Scotland);
  • Stephanie McKendry (Strathclyde University); and
  • Debbie Nolan and Kristina Moodie (Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice)