Staf CEO Jo Derrick has welcomed the announcement of a care review in England. The announcement is timely, with the pandemic shining new light on the issues faced by infants, children and young people across UK care systems – and the disproportionate impact on care leavers compared to their peers.

The review opens up a new opportunity to deepen engagement between organisations and practitioners across the UK to improve support for care leavers. Staf will continue to do so through our programme of online events, particularly the Staf Summit for senior leaders – From Promise to Action – on 17 March 2021. This event will focus on delivering the Promise through supporting organisations to be good Corporate Parents. This event will take place online and is open to all.

Find out more about the Staf Summit and book your place here.

Staf CEO Jo Derrick said:

“I very much welcome the announcement of the independent review of care in England and wish Josh MacAlister well on his appointment as chair.

“One of the great successes of the Independent Care Review in Scotland was that it has put care-experienced voices at the heart – I would strongly urge the review in England to follow this lead.

“Scotland will undoubtedly learn from England’s review because it happens amidst a pandemic currently shaping all our lives. Not just through learning from the innovative practices of the past year that have broken down barriers but also the flaws exposed in a complex system of care that’s meant to support children.

“Indeed, with all of our participation work and events online, there has never been a better opportunity for Staf to support the sharing of best practice across boundaries.

“Of course that best practice is underpinned by our shared understanding of trauma and the power of relationships to improve lives – something Staf has been working on for a number of years.

“With that in mind, Staf stands ready to support this work and extends an invitation to our Staf Summit for all those in England who want to learn more about Scotland’s care review.”