On 26th April, CYCJ (Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice) hosted a roundtable discussion on the report Responding to Offending in Residential Childcare - Next Steps Project Progress Report. The event brought together representatives from a number of organisations, including Social Work Scotland, Community Justice Scotland, Care Inspectorate, CELCIS, COSLA, Police Scotland, SCRA, Staf, University of Strathclyde, and Who Cares? Scotland to discuss three questions:

  1. What is working well in Scotland?
  2. What could be improved?
  3. How can this be achieved?

Deborah Nolan (CYCJ) published a blog giving an overview of the Roundtable and highlighting the key themes which were raised.

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Claire Sands (Howard League for Penal Reform) published a blog which highlights the similarities and differences between the unneccessary criminalisation of children in residential childcare in Scotland and England and Wales.

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