The Care Inspectorate have announced that their revised model for joint inspection services for children and young people will commence in April 2018.

In 2017, the Care Inspectorate was tasked with developing a revised model of inspection which takes a more focused look at vulnerable children and young people.

Over the course of 2017, they heard from many care-experienced young children and young people, established an advisory group, reviewed findings from their inspections and took into account the Root and Branch Review and reccommendations for the child protection systems review.

"When we engaged with children and young people about the focus of inspections, their most important message was that children and young people should be enabled to experience sincere human contact and enduring relationships...Our new inspection will therefore look carefully at how well the system is organised to ensure children and young people can experience continuity in their care and develop and sustain lasting relationsihips." (Kevin Mitchell, Executive Director of Scrutiny and Assurance, Care Inspectorate)

For more information and to read the full briefing paper, please click on the link below.


Care Inspectorate Briefing Paper: Revised model for joint inspections for children and young people 2018 (external website)