An attachment disorder is often only one part of the puzzle in understanding how a child's adverse childhood experiences have shaped their emotional world and outward behaviour.

Dr Shoshanah Lyons (Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Beacon House, Sussex) wrote a blog looking at how we can repair early trauma using a "bottom up" approach. This approach means working from the primitive brain (brainstem) up to the Limbic brain and cortical brain in order, following the order that the brain develops as a child grows from birth to their teenage years.

"Academic learning happens in the cortical brain. If proper development in the first two brain areas does not happen, the child will not be able to learn, no matter how good the teacher is!"

Dr Lyons also highlights the implications for therapy, education and parenting, detailing 14 points that parents, educators and therapists should all be aware of.

- Read Dr Lyons' blog 'The Repair of Early Trauma: A "Bottom Up" Approach'


Dr Shoshanah Lyons: The Repair of Early Trauma: A "Bottom Up" Approach (external website)

YouTube: The Repair of Early Trauma: A Bottom Up Approach (external website)