On Tuesday 25th May young people with care experience are calling on organisations, residential houses and teams to come together with young people with lived experience of care to have a conversation around their breakfast tables. The importance of relationships has been made clear following many conversations with young people with care experience and the idea is that Togetheroo will play a key role in strengthening those connections. 

Staf’s The Catalysts, a group of young people with lived care experienced have, during lockdown, developed a carefully considered kit in based on their experiences and in collaboration with Glasgow based designer Darren Osborne, founder of14cThose who sign up for the day can choose from 4 themes; Relationships, Culture, Safe Place and Wellbeing Resources, and a pack will be digitally delivered in advance of the day.  

Following the kit delivery, a ‘tip jar’ will be set up on social media using a #hastage which will form the basis of action points to ensure that real change can take place. It is hoped that Togetheroo will become an annual event and will be adopted by the many organisations who work with young people with care experience 

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About Project Return and The Catalysts  

Project Return is run by (Staf) the Scottish Through Care and Aftercare forum, Scotland’s national membership organisation for all of those involved in the lives of young people leaving care. It is funded by the Life Changes Trust. It is driven by a steering group called ‘The Catalysts’, all of whom are 16 years old and above and have experience of the care and or justice system. Together they meet and explore how safe nurturing environments and healthy relationships can resolve trauma, and from these discussions, we create supportive resources for care leavers and their workers. 

For more information about Togetheroo and how it works check out the padlet below.

Togetheroo Padlet 

Project Return Leader Tommy Dey said  
The group have worked so hard on creating Togetheroo and have been incredibly creative to think how to run this day given the pandemic put a halt in plans to host a national breakfast in person. As always, their determination to achieve change and think about how they want people to feel and learn from their work has come through despite the barriers caused by the pandemic. It has been a joy supporting them to develop this work and watching them see the difference they are making for young people with experience of care.  

The Catalysts said ‘Togetheroo is about informing people about the care system and creating a better understanding of relationships. Not all relationships are the same and not all relationships work’. Project Return is a family, were not just a group it’s a family. We are trying to change the care system and work as a team with no wrong and right answers 

Jo Derrick, CEO of Staf said  

I’m incredibly proud of the work The Catalysts have achieved to date and Togetheroo is a brilliant way of sharing their insight and experience for the benefit of all and to ensure that strong, trusting and true relationships are front and centre. 

About 14C  
14 C believe that collaboration is the key component of every creative project – from tackling a design brief, to developing an educational programme or making a movie. Working as one unit with co-designed goals and objectives produces outcomes that create impact and memorable experiences for everyone involved. 

They work in partnership with progressive organisations, community groups and schools to develop and deliver impactful, creative solutions.