Staf are currently leading on the development of a Learning Channel that will host the Life Changes Trust legacy work of care experienced projects.

The Learning Channel will showcase webinars; films; reports; evaluations; art; online courses and will continue to drive new development of content and resources.  It’s important that this learning is used to help improve services, practices and, most importantly, the lives of young people.

The Learning Channel will share the learning and evidence with a variety of audiences including Local Authority staff, third sector organisations, policymakers and anyone interested in engaging with young people with care experience.  The new platform will be accessible, and it will offer an online space for people engaged in relevant networks or communities of practice, to connect, share and improve knowledge and skills.

To ensure that the Learning Channel respects the legacy of learning whilst building on continued learning for the future, Staf will work with an advisory group of young people, Life Changes Trust partners, practitioners, and policymakers to guide and oversee this work.

If you would like further information about the Learning Channel, please contact: [email protected]