For the last wee while the members of youth just us had been working alongside Liminal Studios to create a character that encapsulated some of the stories and experiences they had lived through whilst growing up in the care and justice systems. This character was broadcast in augmented reality to the delegates of this year's National Youth Justice Conference and allowed the audience to step inside the shoes of a young person going through these systems and feel for a second what they might have felt.

Stigma and discrimination can be subtle, but the impact is not. This was something Bella, our friend who sadly passed away the beginning of the year, was a vanguard of. She passionately spoke often about people's responsibility to each other to be kind. Something that fell adrift from many of her encounters with care givers during her life. I was especially pleased to see the engagement and response of the delegates to the workshops we held because for in those moments I felt people were thinking with a humane head. Thinking about the impact the language they use and things they do for young people could be having.

The delegates were asked to make promises to ‘gee’ and read them aloud, this was a powerful and emotional way to end the workshops that let our members know that people are listening and can be thoughtful and kind.

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Thanks to Gary Brown and John Morrison for their photos.