Based in East Ayrshire, our Connecting Voices group provides young care-experienced people with a space for them to effectively build their confidence and resilience. Established in April 2017 (and developed from the 'Connecting to Change' group), Connecting Voices is empowering, encouraging and works hard to enable young people to stay in care until they feel that they are ready to leave, equipping them with the tools and skills to make the transition to independent living.

With an exceptional turnout every week, this group is supported by our Youth Development Worker, Ruairi, who supports the individuals that wish to tell their stories in interesting and creative ways.

One of the young people who thoroughly enjoys attending the Connecting Voices group is Kieran Cowan. Kieran has kindly shared his story in order to produce this piece of art, we worked closely with a young artist and illustrator, Tessa MacKenzie. Tessa discreetly and carefully listened to Kieran, helping him create an illustration of his own personal journey. His imaginative and original comic takes us on a journey from feeling isolated and unsure of his place in the world to building a trusting relationship with two workers who made him feel loved and accepted.

Kieran believes that "Relationships should be at the heart of the care system because that's what every young person needs when in care".

We currently have around 10 young people in the steering group and have worked with 21 young people on different pieces of work. We are continuously grateful to Greggs, Morrisons, Staf, Ayrshire College, WG13, Action for Children and the Blue Triangle Housing Association for support with food and meeting spaces. Thank you!