What is Project Return?

Project Return was created to ensure that the wellbeing and success of young people leaving care is indistinguishable from that of theirs peers.

We know, frustratingly, that many young people who have care experience have faced adversity and trauma beyond what is experienced by their peers. This shapes an individual, impacting upon their mind, body and way of being. We are passionate about addressing this, ensuring that relationships and other positive supports are put in place so that young people leaving care no longer have to focus just on surviving but instead can thrive.

The project will take a co-productive approach in creating this change, bringing together those with care and or justice experience (CEP), managers, practitioners and trauma professionals. Offering the opportunity for curious exploration of the supportive environments which are required to overcome adversity and create transformation for young people, workers and the systems surrounding them.

What have we learned so far?

Project Return is underway and I’ve already been travelling across Scotland learning about what we mean when we talk about trauma, adversity, ACEs and the importance of relationships and supportive environments in overcoming this.

I’ve met staff members, and the young people they support, across Scotland. I’ve also joined Papoula on part of her Mapping Relationships tour and have been able to hear from young people and the workforce on their wishes for this project.

Here’s just some of what you told me…

In this time I’ve also conducted desk research, forming a background report which concludes that “trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside of you” (Gabor Maté, 2019).

So what’s next?

Now that this foundation has been set Project Return is moving into the creating change stage and we’re looking for people with care and or justice experience, alongside members of the workforce to join a steering group for the project.

Members of the steering group will drive Project Return by sharing their insight, knowledge and experience. They will have their voice heard, hold a key role in a movement for change and will collectively create resources which enable a supportive environment to overcome adversity. And most importantly they will have fun!

Here’s just some of the benefits of joining the steering group for care experienced people:

How can people get involved in Project Return?

If you would like to be involved or know more about the project then please contact me on the below details. I am more than happy to travel out to meet anyone interested in the project or to have a telephone conversation, whatever would suit most.

📅 An info session will be held in Glasgow on the 24th of September from 5pm to 7pm in Edward House, 199 Sauchiehall Street. At the session, you will be able to meet others, creatively learn more about the project and there will of course be food, anyone for pizza? We will also be covering travel expenses.

Book my place

📧 If you are a person with care and or justice experience or a member of the care workforce who would like to get involved or know more information, please contact me at [email protected] or on 07572201644.