We are delighted to announce that Staf will be working in partnership with the Scottish Tech Army  to develop the new Learning Channel.

The Learning Channel (LC) will provide a platform for the evidence and learning achieved through the Life Changes Trust (LCT) Care Experienced Programme. The Channel will showcase webinars; films; reports; evaluations; art; online courses and it will continue to drive new development of content and resources.

The Scottish Tech Army will work with Staf and a Steering Group of LCT Legacy projects (programmes that are continuing for the next 3-5 years), LCT Non-Legacy projects (programmes that have ended or will end soon) and young people with care experience.  As part of the user-research, the project will also work with practitioners, corporate parents, foster and adoptive families to ensure that the Channel is easy to use and fit for purpose.

The Scottish Tech Army (STA) met with Staf to carry out a whiteboard mapping session to ascertain and understand the following key things that the Learning Channel aims to achieve:

  • who is the customer and do we know what they want? We have identified that the LC will be accessible for anyone who is interested, however, its primary focus is for those who are care-experienced or involved in the lives of care-experienced people.
  • what is the problem we are trying to solve for them? At present, there isn’t a one-stop shop for the continuing legacy of LCT work - where people can learn, access information and share practice.
  • how would you measure success? Unique hits to the site, user feedback, links to the resource, surveys, steering group.
  • what is the current situation? The LCT resources are invisible and not accessible to a wide audience who could benefit from the learning.

The mapping session provided an excellent opportunity to focus on the purpose of the LC. STA will also conduct a user-research exercise, which will be a 20-minute interview with potential users, about what is required from the Learning Channel.  We will use feedback from the interviews to consider and plan next steps of its development.

If you would like further information or would like to have a chat about how you can get involved, please contact [email protected]