In May, Dr Karen Treisman returned to Scotland to deliver our full-day training conference 'Navigating the Iceberg', which focused on organisational change towards trauma-informed practice.

The feedback on the day was fantastic, people who attended told us that they found it "Thought-provoking, inspirational" and that it gave them "Confidence in skills and trauma-informed practice process."

Since the conference, Dr Treisman has published her Winston Churchill Memorial Trust report on trauma-informed organisations. You can read the full report - 'Becoming a more culturally, adversity and trauma-informed infused, and responsive organisation' - here. You can also find more free resources to support you in implementing your learning from the day on Dr Treisman's website.

We are keen for our members to continue on the journey towards trauma-informed change with us. With that in mind, here are three ways that we are taking forward this work and information on how you can get involved.


"Relational trauma requires relational repair." - Dr Karen Treisman

We know that relationships are key to healing from trauma. That's why we're undertaking a project to develop relationship-based practice in Scotland. Our Mapping Relationships project is opening up a new conversation with practitioners and managers on the issue. Get involved by taking our survey today.

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"Every interaction is an intervention." - Dr Karen Treisman

Dr Treisman talks about our organisations being trauma "infused" - understanding that to be trauma-informed must permeate every aspect of our work.

We think that approach is best illustrated by Shannon's Box, which seeks to make a child's experience of entering the care system a little easier. The box itself is an interaction between Shannon and the young person, beginning with a letter from Shannon herself.

We also hope that the process of handing over the box to the young person can foster a positive and trusting relationship with their carer. You can find out more in Shannon's blog below.

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"Staff wellbeing and wellness is at the absolute epicentre of being trauma-informed." - Dr Karen Treisman

Participants at 'Navigating the Iceberg' told us that they wanted to learn more about supporting the wellbeing of their workforce. To do that, we are holding the 'We Care' conference, focussing on workforce wellbeing and trauma-sensitive care. This will be the first in a series of opportunities for our members to learn more about workforce wellbeing.

We are delighted that Tony Bloemendaal, a fellow of the ChildTrauma Academy founded by world-renowned trauma expert Dr Bruce Perry and expert in trauma and neglect, will join us for this exciting trauma training event.

Tony will be joined by Dr Roland Verdouw, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who is also based in the Netherlands. Dr Verdouw became a Robin Fancourt Memorial Scholar with the ChildTrauma Academy in 2013.

This event will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in supporting frontline workers who want to learn more about the impact of neglect and trauma, as well as improve their professional quality of life. this will, in turn, allow them to bring their 'whole self' to work and deliver the relationship-based practice we know is key to healing from trauma for young people.

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