Whats it all about?

Project Return is focused on changing how the care system understands and supports trauma, this is being done through our steering group which is made of both care experienced voices as well as workers with experience. For Staf this project is a real opportunity to amplify the voices of people with care experiences alongside their workers and for this group's insight to be celebrated and harnessed to create meaningful and transformational change in how we understand trauma in the care environment.

What can you gain from joining the group?

The care and/or justice-experienced members will drive this project by sharing their insight, knowledge and experience. They will have their voice heard, hold a key role in a movement for change and will collectively create resources that enables a supportive environment to overcome adversity. And most importantly they will have fun!

Their workers will be able to gain knowledge and practice from others and be part of a movement for change. 

Our Steering Group sessions are open to anyone with care and/or justice-experience and their workers who are interested in the project and we also cover travel expenses.

When can you join?

You can get involved in the project at any time, with Steering group meetings taking place every second Tuesday in Glasgow from 5.30-7.30pm. For details of the next steering group meeting please click on the link below: 

Find out more about the next meeting

What will Steering Group sessions offer you?

  • The space to meet others interested in trauma in the care system
  • The opportunity to collectively start thinking about the aims of the project
  • The chance to take part in relationship-building activities, designed to bring out your competitive side... but end in laughter! 

Would you like to get involved?

If you would like to join the project’s steering group, or you have young people and workers connected to your organisation who you think would be interested in joining, then please get in touch with myself on [email protected] or 0141 465 7518.