On 24 September with a little bit of rocket science and a lot of energy we launched Project Return’s steering group at our offices in Glasgow.

The steering group is made up of young people with experience of the care or justice systems aged 16+ and their workers. Together they will be the driving force behind Project Return, which has been  created to explore how safe nurturing environments and healthy relationships can resolve trauma. 

So what did we get up to?

At the session, the group came together to learn more about the project and how the steering group's voice and ideas will be at its core… and most importantly to have fun! And from the photo above you can see the later was definitely achieved.

To mark the official ‘take off’ of the project, we designed and launched our own rockets. This led to enormous amounts of laughter, copious amounts of vinegar and the pedestrians of Sauchiehall Street wanting to join in!

We also discussed how the project will celebrate the strengths and assets of people with care experience and their workers, and will create a resource that puts rocket fuel into the care system enhancing how we support trauma. 

After re-fueling with pizza and learning more about one another we were revved up to go onto our next activity…. our very own Formula 1 race.       

This activity had the group firmly in the driver's seat, racing each other through a course that represented the stages of Project Return. Together the group not only crossed the courses finish line but they quite literally smashed it allowing us to celebrate the changes this project will bring about.

As the group are the leaders of this project they decided where, when and what they would like to do moving forward. It was decided that we would meet every second Tuesday evening from 5.30 to 7.30, and we have a whole host of activitiy suggestions mapped out for the next few months.

The session was brought to a close with the group each leaving with a wee cup filled with things that they could use to relax and unwind.

So what will be happening next?...

Over the next few months the group will be meeting regularly, on every second Tuesday evening from 5.30 until 7.30, at the moment this will be in Glasgow. If you would like to join us then please get in touch on the below details, more information can found on our next planned session here.

Attend the next Steering Group meeting

The group’s next step will be to think about what their goals are for the project and to collectively decide their approach for moving things forward. As with the taster session, this will be done through creative means, with fun and laughter right at the center. Members of the group will also have the opportunity to learn new skills and access opportunities both within the project and within Staf’s wider work, the first of which will be attending Staf’s Celebrating Connections event; an event celebrating the importance of connections and relationships. 

At the taster session I was asked by the group what my hopes were for the project and my vision for the group. In answering, I talked about how excited I am for the group to be empowered to create the changes they wish to see and to be able to try new activities and gain skills along our journey to creating these changes.

For Staf, Project Return is a real opportunity to amplify the voices of people with care experiences alongside their workers and for this group's insight to be celebrated and harnessed to create meaningful and transformational change in how we understand trauma in the care environment.

Would you like to get involved?...

If you would like to join the project’s steering group, or you have young people and workers connected to your organisation who you think would be interested in joining, then please get in touch with myself on [email protected] or 0141 465 7518. You can also find out when our next session will be by clicking here.

Attend the next Steering Group meeting


For the latest information on the project follow us on Twitter: @_Jenny_Ferguson @StafScot