The Independent Review of Children's Care in England has been published after many years in the making. There has been a varied response to the findings and subsequent recommendations which we have collated for you here. 

The Promise Scotland 

“There are two conclusions in the report that impact children living in Scotland and it is vital we address them...The first is the issue of cross-border and distance placements...The second issue is the recommendation around the inclusion of care experience as a protected characteristic within The Equality Act."

The Children's Commissioner of England 

"Now the Review has been published, I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the specific areas of focus and where we need to go further to deliver the change children have told me so often, they desperately want to see. Too many tell me they feel let down by the services designed to protect and support them, so let’s seize this chance to do better."

Rebekah Pierre, writing in The Guardian 

"England’s care system is failing children. This new overhaul is based on a middle-class fantasy." 

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 

"We welcome the emphasis that the independent panel gave on consulting specifically with children, young people, and people with lived experience of social care." 

Social Work England 

"As the specialist regulator with a view across the entire social work profession, we welcome the emphasis given to the vital role that social work plays. Social workers are key to improving our society and work tirelessly to support millions of children and adults alike. As a profession social work is without doubt one of the greatest assets that the social care system has to bring about long lasting, transformative change for children and families."

Joint statement from National Children’s Bureau, NSPCC, Action for Children, Barnardo’s and The Children’s Society

"The Independent Review of Children's Social Care must be a turning point. It provides a once in a generation opportunity to fix a struggling system and create a step change in the way children and families are supported"

Children in England

"£2.6 billion over the next five years - however well-intentioned, and doubtless hard-fought for - still cannot outweigh the continued, systematic withdrawal of public money from children, families, and the care system."


"There are some proposals which could make a real difference to children’s lives, including around support for those leaving care. However, we have concerns about some of the recommendations which we fear could move decision-making further away from children and the people who know them best and remove some of the important checks and balances in the system."

We will continue to monitor and add responses as we find them and watch with interest to see what happens next.