The Welsh Government have launched their basic income pilot for care leavers, something we and our partners at Aberlour, Who Cares? Scotland and CELCIS are keen to introduce for care leavers in Scotland. Below we share further details of what the pilot will entail and how it is being provided. 

How much does each recipient receive?

£1600 per month before tax (£1280 post-tax)

How long does the pilot last?

From 1 July 2022 - 1 July 2025 with payment lasting a maximum of 2 years per recipient.

Who is eligible? 

Over 500 care leavers who are turning 18 between 1 July 22 and 30 Jun 23.

What else do they receive?

Individual help and advice to manage their finances

Is it mandatory? 

No, participation is voluntary. In some cases it may be more advantageous not to receive the income due to impact on other benefits.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said:

"We want all our young people to have the best possible chance in life and fulfil their full potential. The state is the guardian of people leaving care and so has a real obligation to support them as they start their adult life."

Tiff Evans of Voices from Care Cymru, speaking on behalf of young people who have experienced care, said:

"This is a brilliant opportunity for care leavers in Wales. It is good to see that care leavers in Wales are being thought of and Welsh Government are providing this opportunity for them as young people to become responsible, control some parts of their lives and have a chance to thrive and be financially independent.

We thank Welsh Government for investing in them and their future and we look forward to other changes and developments for care experienced young people in Wales in order for them to reach life aspirations."

At our Staf Summit in March 22 we heard from Adam Jones, Policy at the Welsh Government about how the pilot was planned and will be implemented. You can access his slides and more information here.

We have been working with Aberlour, Who Cares? Scotland and CELCIS and, importantly, care leavers to pilot a similar scheme for care leavers in Scotland. We hope that the Scottish Government follows their counterparts in Wales and recognises the impact a no strings attached income could have for young people with care experience in Scotland. If you'd like to be involved and find out more please email [email protected]