Moving into adulthood can be a difficult time for anyone, but care-experienced young people often face greater challenges than their peers, with much less support. The resilience they have built up over the years can prove fragile. We will be exploring how an understanding of attachment and trauma can help us support young people at this crucial time in their lives.

"Care-experienced young people can and do recover from adversity and go on to flourish in adulthood, but this transition is a time of vulnerability and we all know that for some it can be catastrophic." (Judy Furnivall, CELCIS)

Judy Furnivall (Service Development Consultancy Lead, CELCIS) led us as we took time to reflect on the issues of trauma, loss, attachment and resilience for the young people we support. 

You can download Judy's presentation by clicking on the link below.


Judy Furnivall: Trauma, Loss and Attachment - what does this mean for us? (PDF)