This is the first edition of our newsletter created for care and justice experienced young people in Scotland and created by us, the young people of Youth Just Us! The group has worked really hard to make this and hope you enjoy it. 

In this edition, the group take a look at how young people are coping during COVID, how they've kept busy, and share some of their art. 

Youth Just Us created this newsletter to keep you connected during these difficult times, even if you're not online. We want to hear from you too. You’ll see on the back page how you can also get the chance to be in our next newsletter.

You can download the Newsletter at the links below, we've also created a version that can be professionally printed. If you are a worker and are looking for multiple hard copies for young people you can also get in touch with [email protected].  

Download the Newsletter (for sharing online or printing)

Download the Newsletter (for professional printing)