Leni Rademacher and Shae Stewart explained why The quickest, easiest way is not necessarily the richest in one of the workshops at the summer conference.

This well-attended workshop gave a detailed breakdown of how Falkirk Children's Services developed its Continuing Care operational guidance in response to the legislation.

The process was more involved than they had expected, and included gathering case studies, sharing ideas, and collating a wide range of views. The outputs included mentoring, training, and knowledge and insights that can be applied elsewhere within the Council.

Responding to the needs of older young people requires a light touch, and Leni and her team adopted an inclusive approach to information gathering. Delegates were encouraged to share their own experiences, and suggest further ways to improve the experiences of young people and help them have a positive and graduated transition out of care.

Leni Rademacher is a qualified social worker with Children’s Services, Falkirk Council, and is primarily involved in development work with young people and practitioners.


Leni Rademacher & Shae Stewart: The quickest, easiest way is not necessarily the richest (PDF)