Saffron Rohan and Simone Smith led a session on What does a really good care system look like?

They delivered a fun and interactive workshop that encouraged active discussion and participation – including an exercise using Jenga which they had first successfully taught at a Life Changes Trust workshop earlier in the year.

As care-experienced young people their words were powerful and generated an emotional response as well as professional reflection. They recognised progress in the sector and skillfully avoided the trap of an all-negative take on social work.

Saffron and Simone asked delegates not to underestimate the importance of relationships and suggested that the issue might be one of ‘permission’ since there are already many examples of good practice and practice across the country.

Delegates were also encouraged to reflect on their own childhood to identify positive and negative influences and role models. Simone and Saffron handled questions well and were unfazed by a lastminute move that meant setting up in a different room.

Saffron Rohan and Simone Smith are young facilitators with The Voices. Saffron is studying at Strathclyde Business School and works with Life Changes Trust as part of a CEYP advisory group creating an Aspirational Awards Scheme for Care Leavers. Simone is the lead young person facilitator for The Voices and was part of the project’s steering group. She is currently studying Social Work at Stirling University.

Saffron and Simone's presentation can be downloaded using the link below.


Saffron and Simone: What does a really good care system look like? (PDF)