Tim Keilty gave us his unique insights on the topic of What would it take - adventurous social work. His mould-breaking approach shone through in a lively talk full of real life experience and anecdote. Starting with the question ‘What would it take?’, he shared examples of using relatively small amounts of money in creative ways to empower people to make changes – answering questions such as ‘what would it take to get you to school?’

This work is testing the value of thinking differently, creative support planning, and the adventurous use of budgets with young people in residential placements or at risk of being accommodated away from home. A few hundred pounds on horse riding kit or a caravan holiday could save thousands of pounds per week – if practitioners are willing to throw away their ‘Serviceland Goggles’.

You can download Tim's presentation from the conference by clicking on the links below.

Tim Keilty is a qualified social worker, and a Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform. He works for the New Prospects Association in the North East of England and as an associate with In Control Scotland. He set up the Support Planning Hub in Newcastle and is currently leading work exploring self-directed support with looked-after children in Middlesbrough and Scotland.


Tim Keilty: What would it take - Adventurous social work (PDF)