Seeds for Change Forestry Club - Session 1
Tuesday 14th July 5.30pm to 7.00pm 

(NOTE: This session has now taken place - to find out about the second workshop please click here)

This woodland wellbeing workshop is the first in a series of 'Seeds for Change' forestry club activities, organised by Project Return's youth-led steering group, 'The Catalysts'.

What is the workshop all about?

  • You will learn about the science of stress and anxiety and why spending time in green spaces improves your wellbeing 
  • You will experience the benefits of the woodlands - from inside your home! 
  • You will leave with 5 simple yet effective techniques to reduce your anxiety and improve your wellbeing 
  • People have said they have left the workshop feeling calmer, stronger and more positive about the future.  

Who is delivering the session?

Our first workshop will be delivered by Lou Irvine, founder of the Wellbeing Rebels - a Glasgow-based social enterprise that works with Scottish Forestry to promote wellbeing in the woodlands.

Through her own mental health recovery journey and exploration of ways to stay well, she was inspired to set up Wellbeing Rebels to empower people, with the knowledge and tools to champion their own emotional and mental wellbeing and feel fearless and brave in spite of adversity. 

Lou is an experienced trainer and facilitator and continues to build her own emotional resilience through her meditation practice, working in the woodlands, boxing and performing stand-up comedy. 

What do I need to bring with me? 

  • A sheet of paper and a pen or pencil 
  • A plant, flowers or greenery from either your house, garden or local green space or an object in your home which feels important to you 
  • Earphones can help reduce background noise and help you get the most out of the workshop 
  • Any plants or the Seeds for Change kit if you would like to show your plants growth.  

How do I join this Workshop? 

You can register for our Wellbeing Workshop by clicking on the link below: 

Please note: You will need to download Zoom, which is free, in order to join the call. Please give yourself 10 minutes before our start time, to grab a cuppa and get logged in ready to start. If you need further help downloading Zoom you can check the Zoom site here: 

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